Welcome to my writers page!

This is a paragraph about how this page mite have some bloges or jernale enterys, but it will have stories not real ones but as i said that mite happen too, but not every day, week or mouth because my life isnt that interesting just when somthing happends in my life. So if you have nothing to do or you are extremly bord then come on and read some stories.

This page will have a new story every month so be excited? comment downbelow what you think of these stories.

Here's a list of characters for the first story and my blogs:

Story one:

The first punch.

It was a sunny Friday recess and Alex was hanging with his friends Barry, Barth, Todd and Nat, and they were walking toward the cafeteria when coraline and her homey Francesca marched up in front and got all up in Alex’s face and says “let’s go round 13” Alex backs off and razes his fists up ready to block and flick and replies with “ok then let’s go, let’s go” and hopes back and ford ready for anything but what happened. They were at a standoff circling like vulchers; Alex’s goes for a flick to the abdomen coraline pulls back and strikes down on his face with her fist, putting him on one knee. He stubbles to one side back on to his feet too look up and see his friends helping him up and coraline and Francesca running away from the scene of the crime. Alex stands up fully rubbing the hit waiting for his abuser to return and shore they did, coraline and her friend like little mouses tiptoed back, “are. Are you ok?” she asked scarred, frightened, worried about her power and mistake “umm, yeah?” Alex reply’s blinking and dizzy. To be continued.



Story two:

Jack and Todd: death is coming

“London September the 8th 1888, Annie chapman lays on the street below,” Says a man in a black hooded cloak blending into the moony night. He stands up peering over the streets of London and takes a step forward and drops. Falling from the big pie shop sign. Landing on one knee in a puddle he stands up, his cuff and bottom of his cloak dripping he stared at the corps. More staring than glaring at the body with the neck slit and stomach cut open. He pulls out a scythe from within his cloak the blade shines in the moonlight, swinging it across her body a flash of bright light from within her burst out and the blue spirit rises from the corps and disappears skyward. The cloaked man raises his head just enough so the hood doesn’t fall off as he turns to the pie shop that he was perched on. “Mrs Lovett’s Pie Shop my final job for the night,” he says as he strolls to the door. He arrives at the door stares into the dark abys inside then steps thought the door scythe back in his cloak, as he passed though like nothing could stop him. He looks around the empty abys of a pie shop. He turns and walks through another door, turns again to approach the stairs to a salon. He floats up the stairs like an owl, no noise his cloak flailing in the now slightly clouded moon light. Turning to the door of the barber shop he passes though it as did with the other doors. “Sweeny Todd you have been judged for your crimes and verdict is your, death.” He says to the man standing at a window, cleaning a bloodied razer he tilts his head toward the door as the cloaked man unsheathes his scythe and swings it. Sweeny Todd collapses and a blue shining light like the one that came from Annie Chapman raised from his body and the cloaked man pulls out a jar the blue shine gets sucked up into the jar, he closes it and puts it back in his pocket along with his scythe. The door behind him opens and a woman runs in the clocked man jumps out of her way not wanting to be noticed. She kneels at his body trying to wake him up but nothing. The hooded man turns and walks out “I’m sorry. Good bye Mrs Lovett.” He walks out, down the stairs and across the road. He looks back and then down the street and around the corner disappears into the night.


Scary story.




Step, step, step. Then it all stops, if a pin dropped from a mm height right now I would be able to hear it. I peer over to my peek hole, and there he was crouching, his eyes reading my soul, silent as death then in a blink of an eye, the darkness was gone, and all that is left was light. 1 hour ago. “hi guys my names Harun and I’m 15 years old and this is my project on me…” I said to my teacher half asleep and the uninterested empty headed class. One kid’s eyes hanging out of there sockets; ‘party animal’ I think to myself as I go on with my presentation. I finish about 2 minutes later and step down from the front and take my place in the back row. I was the first person to go up and already the teacher is out cold and I was soon behind, until I heard a rustle, a crack, I peer back to see a man out the window, dashing behind a tree. “Harun, stop dozing off.” Silence dropped upon the class. Wearing off in moments. Ding dong ding dong. The school bell rings thought the empty corridor for less than a second as the kids rushed out the doors and filled every inch of it. I walk out to see no one they all had left in an instant. The hall silent as the night, until I heard a ring of a phone echo through the halls resonating from the corner up would from where I was standing. A creepy loom drifts down with it. I grab my baseball bat from the locker. I slowly make my way to where the ring came from my heart beating as loud as an explosions and as fast as a train. I make the corner ‘1…2…3…” I think to myself preparing myself for what I might see, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw because what I was a… walking talking purple sponge. He was with his friend who was a bright green starfish who could also walk and talk. They told me that I was endanger and that if I opened the package that would come to my house in an hour that I would be killed, “yeah, right.” I said in spite. ‘like I would believe a sponge and starfish on my fate’ I thought as I left the school ground. I got home 20 minutes’ lift within the hour of which I left school. ’20 until the package is meant to come’ I thought in a ‘yeah that’s likely” way. I sat down at the TV and flicked it on it shimmered to life and projected Michael bay's newest transformers film: the last knight. Ding dong. the doorbell rings bouncing off every wall in the house. Mum goes to the door and answers it. She walked back in to the lounge and through a box on the couch, and says “it’s yours.” Then walks away. I sit there and stare at it, ‘is this the box they were talking about?’ I thought wondering in a slight bit of fear. I pull my pocket knife out and cut it open inside it were 2 DVDs with no description on it. I throw the top one in the DVD player and a man with a mask on pops up and says “wrong disc kid…” so I ejected it and put the other in and it was a video of a pig that walked on to legs and talked. “ok cool?” I say as I right in my journal what happened today then the man from the last DVD comes up from behind me. “Oh, thanks for the warning me, on the other DVD” I say to him as he hits me over the head with a golf club.


I was stumped for a story this mounth so a friend helped out and for this mounth. go check him out there OP, D.H.

Story four:


Staring at Jim from the end of the footpath stood Jack, glaring in the rain. Jim kept walking in that direction until he was close enough to hear Jack say something. Jim asked him to repeat it, as he missed it. “Xburt hasn’t finished the next story yet,” said Jack. As the shock rippled through Jim’s stomach, he had a heart attack and died.



I was stumped for a story this mounth and handn't finished the ones im working on so a friend helped out and for this mounths. go check him out there OP, D.H.

Story five:


Welcome to The Linux Pocketbook 3rd edition CD

Welcome to The Linux Pocketbook 3rd edition CD
bullet.gif (110 bytes) Disclaimer
bullet.gif (110 bytes) About our CD-ROM
bullet.gif (110 bytes) System requirements
bullet.gif (110 bytes) Installing software on the CD
bullet.gif (110 bytes) What to do when things go wrong
bullet.gif (110 bytes) Playing it safe
bullet.gif (110 bytes) Problems with Internet connections
bullet.gif (110 bytes) Tech support and damaged discs


Before using the CD please read the Terms of Use.

Please note that because The Linux Pocketbook 3rd Edition is an ACP Tech product, neither Red Hat or Mandrake can provide technical support for the Red Hat 7.0 and Mandrake 7.2 distributions on the cover CDs. Similarly, ACP Tech cannot provide any form of technical support for any version of Linux.

About our CD-ROM

The CD-ROM runs entirely from a Web browser. To view the CD, simply launch your favourite browser and open the file DEFAULT.HTM found in the root of the CD.

For more information you can go to the  Pocketbooks Web site, or one of the many other Web sites hyperlinked on the CD, for the latest information (if you have an Internet connection, of course).

System requirements

The CD-ROM will run on any computer that has a CD-ROM drive.

However, to run the CD comfortably you need to be running in at least 640 by 480 or 800 by 600 resolution at 256 colours (16 or 24-bit colour is recommended). 

The Web pages on the Pocketbooks CD are best viewed with Netscape Navigator 3.0 or better. Best viewing is with a JavaScript and Java enabled browser. If your browser is not JavaScript enabled the menu system will not work as intended and you will receive scripting error messages. The CD has been tested using Netscape under Linux. We cannot guarantee the Web pages will look good in any other browser. 

Individual programs and demos included on the disc have their own system requirements.

Installing software on the CD

While browsing the different parts of the CD, if you come across a file you would like to try, follow these instructions:

If the file has the extension sh, all you have to do is run the file. 

If it is a .tar.gz or .tgz file, download it to a temp directory on your hard drive and decompress using tar -zxvf [filename]. Read the README or INSTALL files included for installation instructions.

If the file had the extension rpm, download it to a temp directory on your hard drive and install using rpm -ivh [filename] or use a graphical RPM manager such as kpackage. 

What to do when things go wrong

We've done our best to minimise the possibility of problems with this CD. Nonetheless, any time you have software, computers and the Internet in the same sentence there are bound to be problems of some sort.

CDs are are a physical product and, unfortunately, a small percentage suffer from mishandling during transit or delivery and, occasionally, mishaps in production.

If you do ever experience a faulty disc, however, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to diagnose the problem and get you a replacement as soon as possible.

Playing it safe

You should regularly back up any important files on your system, and virus-check all software before installing it.

While we take every precaution to ensure that only virus-free and uncorrupted files are provided on the CD, you can never be too careful. Before installing any software, follow this checklist:

Virus-check: Virus-check your system and any software to be installed. Keep your virus-checker up to date. 

Read the documentation: Read all README files and associated documentation.

Backups: Back up important files before installing software, and approach all prerelease software cautiously.

Licences: Carefully read and abide by any licence agreements, copyright notices or restrictions on usage. 

Research: If possible, visit the developer's Web site to find out more about the product. 

Problems with Internet connections

Please contact your Internet service provider for help with Internet connections.

Tech support and damaged discs

Third-party software
If you need technical support for any third-party software, you will need to contact the developer of that program. You'll find details about the developer either in the program's Help menu or a document file (usually named README) accompanying the program.

Damaged discs
Although we do our best to verify all the files on the CD, occasionally some archives may be corrupted during transfer, or the CD itself may be damaged in transit. If your CD is damaged, simply contact Pocketbooks on (02) 9288 9123 to arrange for a replacement. 



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