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Welcome to my Website people!

hi, im me so i know i like u guys thats y i made this web site but if u clik the link at the bottem well u decided to click it :) :D :O :o :f :F #uanduanduanduanduallatonce.

This is a paragraph about how this background on my screen is red... D'Oh! Here's how you make a(do not look at it, im warning u) link: lol U R fumin yet..


Here's how you can make bold move with friends and italic like titanic text.

don't click this link unless you hate dogs, or you dont like hearing.

now u finished go to my next page but before u do that see this

Piccolo Films

my 3rd page chek it out:

this is for the fans.

an Animals page. If you like Animals you should chek it out:

this is for the lovers of Animals.

New storys every mounth on the story and "blog" page:

this is for the fans.

My friends website check it out. its made on N3D. and the amazing:: OP, D.H. who made his website on

here's a list:

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